POIs / Placemarks

Thanks to my friend Michael Wachs, a current version of the flying sites database is available for personal navigation devices.

You can load the points (placemarks/waypoints) for TomTom (eg TomTom One¹) or Garmin (eg Garmin GPSMap 60csx²). For the mentioned devices, the functionality has been tested successfully.

Important - please read

Only very few text gets exported. That means that you also should use the Google Earth map for planning the flight. Please do not be ignorant and reckless, inform yourself prior to flying. Worst case description: in a no-fly (e.g. hunting) season you drive up tot the launch, on a restricted forest path, parking and starting on private grounds without permission, landing in crops etc. - the best way to endanger sites.

Also for this file, no guarantee for the correctness oft my data - File has been checked with anti-virus software, but I do not accept liability for damage due to the offered software or the installation or use. This is at your own risk.

Download placemarks for TomTom                     Download placemarks for Garmin

Manual, step by step:

Download the files. Save them locally in a folder on your computer. Unpack them.

For TomTom connect the device with USB to your computer and switch it on. Copy the files from the TomTom archive into the map file of the TomToms. This folder is named .../Western_Europe, I guess.

You should alternatively be able to use the TomTom home application. I will test it, and in the near future there will be more information on that.
It also works with newest TomTom devices, eg GoLive 1000, via community contents. Just read the TomTom manual for how to upload own pois.

Hint: you can add a _bottom line in front oft he files so that they will show up in the beginning oft the POI list of the device.

For Garmin 60csx connect the device with USB to your computer and switch it on. Menu -> Settings -> Interface -> Mass Storage Mode activate. Alternatively, put the memory card oft the device into a card reader connected to your computer.

Then copy the *.GPI files from the Garmin archive to "YourDevice"\Garmin\POI. Eventually you have to create this thread on the memory card. Then disconnect the device from the computer (respectively put the memory card into your device again). Finally you have to activate the POI's (Menu -> Change Settings -> activate OVI's (de-) and set the hooks to your preferences.

So far it did not work out with the new Garmin GPSMaps 62s. The device does make a good and fast impression, but we do not know how to load the points. Who can help, please?

For Garmin 'Nüvis' the installation oft the points should work out, but this should be tested by you. If you have one of these, please try and write your experience.

Navigon devices seem to have such a bad user experience that working with the waypoints is not so much fun.


¹ According TomTom it can be difficult with the following devices: GO LIVE 1000, GO 1000, GO LIVE 1005, GO 1005, Via Series and Via LIVE Series
¹ So far it did work out with TomTom ONE, TomTom Go 740 Live.
² Garmin GPSMap 60 and GPSMap 60 cs work out fine, but you have to look whether you have enough free memory.