Anzeige mit xcsoar

Rob Raymakers hat aus den paraglidingspots-Daten und den wichtigsten Thermiken (Alpen) von eine Datei zur Anzeige in xcsoar erstellt. Basis: Paraglidingspots-Datenbank 11/2015.

Download File

Falls Ihr selbst so etwas machen wollt, hier seine Beschreibung, auf Englisch:

Using this tool: it is very easy to get the paraglidingspots SP/LP and the thermals from to show up in xcsoar.

Anzeige mit xcsoar
  1. Download TomPoiEdr, link see above
  2. Download the tomtom-files from
  3. If you like, also download the thermals from (I only used the top 10000 from the alps) as GPX
  4. Drag all files into TomPoiEdr. It reads .ov2 and GPX
  5. Save as .ov2
  6. Use GPSBabel to convert the .cup. Now you can open it in XCSoar

The .cup can be read in xcsoar. It displays all POIs. The file I created is 2,7MB big.
I haven't chopped it up per country, because i haven't found a way to easily filter POI's based on their gps co-ords into country/areas. The data could be polished a little bit, but for now it works.