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  • Choose those continents and/or countries you want to included in your database. The list can be extended or reduced with plus or minus.
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All information on is without guarantee. Each pilot is responsible for himself to decide where and when to launch, fly or to land.

Please do not just to drive to new spots, park your car where it is not allowed and to start just like that – PLEASE ask the locals first. Usually you are welcome and get all the info you need. Please respect private grounds, stand up to your errors and the damage you might make. Avoid restricted airspace and forbidden seasons like hunting time. And so on. All this should be self-understood, but there arel always single pilots who endanger themselves and the continued existance of flying sites. Simply because they do not ask.

With the use oft this database you accept that does not have any liability for damages or actions based on the offered informations or linked websites.

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